Free marketing advice helpdesk launched by Creative Solutions

Today we have decided that the credit crunch, downturn, recession whatever you want to call it is well and truly behind us and we want to help encourage other businesses to join our crusade and march forward without looking back.

Business is still plentiful for those that are bold enough to go out looking for it, the problem is as you probably already know is that it is harder to get as conversion rates have plummeted.

So what we need to do is find more prospects to make the numbers work, if we need 5 clients a month with a prospect to order conversion rate on 1 in 10 (in better times 1 in 5) then we need to find cost effective ways to produce 50 leads – this is where your marketing strategy comes in.

We would like to help you get started and have launched our FREE marketing advice email where any business can ask us a question about marketing and one of our experts will gladly help.

Welcome to our crusade

Roy Griffiths
Managing Director