Graphic Design

Design has always fascinated us and we have tried to promote the benefits of graphic design to all our clients, your brand should accurately reflect the personality of your business and graphic design is where it all starts.

No matter what medium you have decided to use for your marketing strategy, be it leaflets, brochures, websites, posters, or TV you will need to be able to project your company image through great design. It is so important to reflect the ethos, ethics and personality of your business through your brand which at the very least should include a well designed and unique logo, corporate colourways and print font which if implemented throughout all your marketing assets will project a very professional image which will be trusted by your existing and potential clients.

Just imagine that you were handing over your business card to Richard Branson – would he be impressed enough to ask for your brochure or would he check out your website later that day?

Please give our marketing manager a call on 01305 832512 who will be happy to give you feedback on your current corporate image and its implementation throughout your marketing collateral.