Video Production

Many businesses are realising the benefits and real value of including video in their marketing strategies – especially when it comes to social media and the ease of uploading videos to the many social networking sites such as Facebook and Youtube.

Video production has also plummeted in cost given the fantastic quality of the many handicams that are currently available on the market – lets face it even the videos that can be filmed using your smart phone can be perfectly acceptable for uploading to your website. Given the pace of today’s world it is fast becoming the medium of choice to do research by watching online video presentations which can save an amazing amount of time for your potential clients and enable you to get your message over in a much more direct manner.

How powerful do you think video testimonials would be from your clients, would ‘How To’ videos showing your product or service in action be of benefit to your existing or potential customers?

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(Our own videos are in production – we’ve decided to walk the talk!)