Website Design

We decided a number of years ago to specialise in one website development platform and chose ‘WordPress’ which originaly started out as a blogging platform and quickly became popular amongst savvy internet marketeers given the importance of blogging as a way of driving much higher volumes of traffic to your website than would happen organically.

Since then ‘WordPress’ has developed into a superb website development platform with many plugins that can pretty well deliver any functionality you desire. As the platform is developed ‘open source’ the costs are reduced considerably from the normal bespoke build and the additional plugins are often very reasonable (if not free) to purchase. There is also a huge number of site styles and layouts to choose from with┬áno issues when it comes to integrating your existing brand.

Take a look at some of our recent website builds;

If you would like to have a chat about the benefits of building your next website on the ‘WordPress’ platform please give our website marketing expert a call on 01305 832512