New Rent to Buy scheme ebook launched

Creative Solutions have recently launched a new ebook website for our client Julie George. Julie has devised, and tested, a new scheme for home buyers. See our press release below.

New guide to getting on the UK property ladder with no deposit.

Poole, Dorset, U.K. May, 2009 – Mother and full time carer, Julie George, has pioneered an innovative scheme giving hope to those wanting to own their own home in these difficult times.

Julie was inspired to write her new guide after helping an elderly neighbour. Julie says, “I wanted to buy the house of an elderly friend to stop the Local Authority taking it away from her in care expenses. I had no money for a mortgage deposit so feared she would loose the house.”

Julie was keen to work out a way to buy her friends house that would benefit both of them. Having spent time in America, Julie knew “lease to buy” schemes were popular. If she could make this work in the U.K. she could buy her friends house with no money needed for a deposit. The idea for a rent to buy scheme was born.

Discussions with her neighbour and her family followed including a property lawyer who declared it was a “new one on him”! Even so, agreements were drawn up and the deal signed by all parties. Julie moved out of her house (leaving her adult children behind to rent it from her), and into her friends house for which she pays rent. The clever bit is all the rent goes towards Julie’s future purchase of the house.

It was obvious to Julie from an early stage that her scheme could benefit others and not just herself and her neighbour. She quickly joined forces with her friend and graphic designer, Gina, to produce a book giving a comprehensive guide to her scheme, now branded “Rent 2 Buy”. Looking for the best way to publish on a limited budget, Julie decided to build a website and sell the book in digital download ebook form, reducing her costs and keeping the retail price down. A hard copy is available from the on demand Internet publisher for those that would prefer this.

Julie’s comprehensive guide shows anyone, not just experienced property buyers or developers, how to do what she did.

Rent 2 Buy can be found at

Julie George can be contacted on 0751 289 8809