Online Marketing

Online MarketingEvery business now realises that their online marketing strategy is crucial for its credibility in today’s sophisticated marketplace, dealing with the vast amount of information channels that provide opportunities for business all over the internet. Having guided many businesses through this maze of challenges we believe that implementing our ‘Top Ten Tips’ list below will help you to make a positive start in the right direction and immediately start to increase the return on your online marketing investment.

Contact Details
Make sure they are easy to find – preferably on the home page with your business phone number in the top right of your header.

Alternative Platforms
Ensure that your website is dynamically set up for tablets and mobiles – 72% of tablet owners purchase online from their tablets each week

Content, Content, Content
Search engines reward relevant content very highly so blogging, article writing and page copy has never been more important to match the aims and objectives of your web presence.

Social Media
Engage with as many social media channels as possible and try to encourage sharing of your posts – consider the use of information dissemination software to deal with your posts.

Search Terms
Content should reflect the search terms that visitors are actually using rather than a simple list of keywords that your website has been set up with.

Page Titles & Meta Descriptions
Every page title and meta description should represent its content – very simple to do and incredibly effective.

External Links
Avoid unnecessary 3rd party external links, link exchanges or link pages – having worked so hard to attract traffic why send your visitors to someone else’s website for no relevant reason.

Email Marketing
Reward sign up with a free report or some form of special offer and collect email addresses – future business can flourish with access to on an opted-in email list which is still considered as the best form of online promotion.

Regular Contact
Building relationships with potential clients has never been more challenging so maintaining regular contact through your social media channels and newsletters are crucial.

Conversational Marketing
Join the conversation across all your social media channels and blog about current affairs making the news that day.

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