Used Cars For Sale

Recently I changed my car and like many others before me decided that I could probably get a better price for it than the garage was prepared to offer me in part exchange by selling it private.

As marketing is my game I quickly put together some notices for the windscreen and went to place it in a well known strategic location on Dorchester Road, Weymouth. To my surprise I found a notice banning used car sales from my favourite spot so the thinking cap had to go on.

After riding around town for a few hours with no new locations springing up a thought occured to me – how about holding a used car for sale event on a Sunday morning where private sellers and traders wishing to offload older stock could showcase their vehicles in one place rather than spread out all over town.

I think I have found a venue so if anyone else thinks this is a good idea please give me a call on 07976 425719.

Toyota Celica 1.8VVTiIn the meantime if you would like to solve my problem in a more direct manner I am trying to sell a Toyota Celica 1.8VVTi (140bhp version) Premium + Sports Packs, Full Toyota Service History, Very recent MOT, 55,000 miles, full leather seats, very sleek looks and great to drive.

So make me an offer I can’t refuse.

Roy Griffiths
Managing Director – 07976 425719